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And Again He Got Me

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And Again He Got Me

Post  Charlie G. on 3/21/2014, 5:26 pm

This past week the mailman stuffed a large envelope in the mail slot. I enjoy getting those large envelopes cause I know bills don't come in them.
When I opened it up to my amazement there was a "SKUNK" tail in it. I knew where it came from right away. Old Man Bob strikes again. First the fancy salmon feathers and hooks now a "SKUNK" tail.

I joked with him about it cause I was going to send him the same the next week as a joke.
After some thought I figured let's see what I can do with the hair.
The white stripes on a skunk start out white at the bases then turn black towards the tips. Some have longer white bases then others so I worked my way threw the tail cutting out what I could work with.
The first picture is of a bucktail deceiver which I guess you could call a skunk hair deceiver or as I named it a stinky deceiver. The next picture is of a hollow tied fly I tied with skunk hair.
Both were tied with only skunk hair and no other materials except jungle cock eyes on the deceiver

Oh and a side note neither fly smells like a road kill skunk  lol! 

And the hollow tied fly

Charlie G.

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Re: And Again He Got Me

Post  handyman on 3/21/2014, 5:41 pm

road killed skunk nice jesture bob......yea ive been smelling them alot lately they must be comming out burrows...........spring is on its are the shad on the delaware


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Re: And Again He Got Me

Post  tidewaterfly on 5/1/2014, 10:51 am

Good looking flies! I tied commercially for many years & once got several skunk tails from a supplier that they had closed-out. My thought was they would be good for hair jigs for bass, but the hair is courser than I like for that & I couldn't see wasting that nice long hair. After receiving them I wondered what the heck would I tie with them! Big Deceivers were the obvious choice. I've dyed some of the white portions too particularly chartreuse or purple. Chartreuse & black & Blurple are always good colors!

I like the body fur from skunks too for small hair jigs for Smallmouth bass.


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Re: And Again He Got Me

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